Enough Time in the Day

I logged in last week for the first time in months. I noticed visitors coming from this article on Apartment Therapy. How awesome to have my barstool makeover featured in an 'Ultimate Ikea' shopping list. Here's the thing though- it was published in DECEMBER which is also the last time I posted anything.  What can I say? Because there's not enough time in the day is my tagline for a reason!

There hasn't been enough time in my day for DIYs, decorating, or even writing because our little family grew and I've spent as much time loving it as I can.

I love this photo from the Georgia aquarium- watching the whales when I felt like one myself, 5 days before I had a second set of little hands to hold!

Aven Rose was born February 11th during a Georgia ice storm.

Three months have gone by way too quickly and as a long list of projects go unfinished, the dishes stay dirty, and I once again don't always have time to eat and shower, life is so full of happy. There's always enough time in the day for that.

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