What a Difference New Knobs Make: Easy Vanity Makeover

Since we're spending the next few years in a rental house, our days of painting rooms red and having a kids' bathroom that looks like this, are temporarily over.

When I first saw the upstairs bathroom in this house I knew immediately that the knobs had to go. Never mind the fact that there are two different color doors and one drawer is clearly another color. How and why does that happen?? I wasn't about to paint the vanity but knew I could ditch the knobs!

I used these red knobs for a quick and inexpensive makeover.

 These faucet style red knobs were $5.99 each but were marked 50% off so for around $25, I was able to transform a shiny, gold knobbed vanity into a much more fun and kid- style bathroom.

These cute little knobs almost make me forget there are two different colored doors.

The faucets and the light still give me a headache to look at but it's a start. When we move back to our house with the red kids' bathroom, these are going to be perfect on the vanity!

Our Kitchen Feature on Remodelaholic

Happy Weekend! I'm so excited to announce that our 'Oh-Noing to Glowing Kitchen' is being featured on Remodelaholic today!

I was featured on Remodelaholic!

I've been a fan of Remodelaholic for a long time and it really is an honor to be featured in the company of so many creative projects. Go check it out when you're in need of some serious DIY inspiration!

A huge thank you to Cassity for sharing with her readers how we used paint and fabric to set the stage for new counters, flooring, and appliances and completed a DIY remodel that changed the way we felt about our house.

Having recently moved, I have been so overwhelmed by the task of unpacking boxes, organizing, putting away, and decorating yet another house. I have yet to even locate the boxes with my craft supplies.

This feature is such a perfect and much needed push for me to get back into the swing of things and get to work making this new house work for us the way our last one did. We have our work cut out for us this time since we are renting and there are things I just won't be able to change so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and many thanks again to Cassity at Remodelaholic for featuring our remodel!

'All Aboard' Party Banner

 I made a quick and easy fabric banner for the train party and loved the way it turned out.

 I bought a red ticking striped fabric and used foam board to cut out the shapes to make the train and attached them with double sided tape.

I printed out a photo of the 'conductor' on a carousel so his hands were in the right position and then cut him out. It was really cute how amused he was seeing himself driving the 'choo-choo'

The "smoke" billowing from the stack was styrofoam balls attached with tacks.

I probably would have left the banner up for way too long like I did with the first birthday party banner if the movers hadn't come days after the party!

Two Two Train Cake

I'm surrounded by boxes that need unpacking and have no energy to get that done so I'm going through photos from the train party. Here are the details on how we made the cake!

The two-two train party ended up being red and blue just like our puppy dog tails first birthday party. What can I say, I love the combo. Instead of decorating a white fondant cake like last year, my sister and I used red and blue as the base and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

We drew a sketch of the cake a couple of months ago and it helped keep the project from getting lost in the idea shuffle. (A side effect from spending too much time on Pinterest)

 I baked two six inch rounds for the top layer and two eight inch rounds for the base. Rather than make things easy I colored white fondant to make the red and royal blue but I'll buy colored fondant in the future!

My sister smoothing the fondant

Here is the chaos on the island after the cake was covered with fondant.

We decorated it with a train puffing clouds of smoke with 2s in them and then made a paper ticket for the top to finish it off.

We made the train and the clouds out of sugar sheets and it ended up being a time saver and adhered really well to the cake.
They also held up well in the heat because they were so thin. If I'd used fondant to make the shapes, I think they may have slid off the cake in the 90 degree heat!

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