'All Aboard' Party Banner

 I made a quick and easy fabric banner for the train party and loved the way it turned out.

 I bought a red ticking striped fabric and used foam board to cut out the shapes to make the train and attached them with double sided tape.

I printed out a photo of the 'conductor' on a carousel so his hands were in the right position and then cut him out. It was really cute how amused he was seeing himself driving the 'choo-choo'

The "smoke" billowing from the stack was styrofoam balls attached with tacks.

I probably would have left the banner up for way too long like I did with the first birthday party banner if the movers hadn't come days after the party!


  1. Seriously cute, Kate! I am in love with this whole party....and am grateful for the inspiration as I try to plan my girls' birthday party! :)

  2. so cute! what a great idea!


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