Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What a Difference New Knobs Make: Easy Vanity Makeover

Since we're spending the next few years in a rental house, our days of painting rooms red and having a kids' bathroom that looks like this, are temporarily over.

When I first saw the upstairs bathroom in this house I knew immediately that the knobs had to go. Never mind the fact that there are two different color doors and one drawer is clearly another color. How and why does that happen?? I wasn't about to paint the vanity but knew I could ditch the knobs!

I used these red knobs for a quick and inexpensive makeover.

 These faucet style red knobs were $5.99 each but were marked 50% off so for around $25, I was able to transform a shiny, gold knobbed vanity into a much more fun and kid- style bathroom.

These cute little knobs almost make me forget there are two different colored doors.

The faucets and the light still give me a headache to look at but it's a start. When we move back to our house with the red kids' bathroom, these are going to be perfect on the vanity!


  1. There are landlords out there who would love to have someone offer to fix things. My daughter and son in law lived almost rent free before buying a house, by doing lots of fix it jobs in exchange for rent. The landlord even bought materials. Some of them are smart enough to know that labor is usually much more than what they get in rent. just sayin. ;)

  2. I wish that was the case in this situation! But, at the same time, we are trying to take advantage of not having to repair every little thing about this house because it's not our worry.

  3. I am In Love with these knobs, Kate! What a simple way to add color and personality.....I've been telling everyone about these and how fabulous they look!

  4. Love the pulls. And I love red. Great idea to add that pop of color! Thanks!

  5. BTW...found your blog on the Haven Conference link page.

  6. Changing the pulls was a great idea. It was nice meeting you at Haven. Good luck with everything in GA and enjoy spending some time back in NY. It is beautiful here right now so at least it will be a great time to visit. Hope to see you at Haven next year. Cheers!

  7. Hi Kate, I'm visiting from the Atlanta bloggers page. Those knobs are adorable! I love it!


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