Monday, August 4, 2014

Entryway Gallery Wall

*Update* When I wrote this I said I wanted to change things and I finally found the animal print lampshade I was searching for! 

Here's a picture:

I have to start by saying I changed this arrangement around many times and still want to add to, subtract from, and change it. You know the tutorials for hanging a gallery wall that include taping paper templates on the wall for easy switching of and moving around the pieces until you're satisfied? That's not what I did.

Just about every item on the wall has at least one hole behind it from being moved after it was hung but the good news is that the wall inside our entry that was bare for a year is finally decorated with some of the frames and other items that have been cluttering the garage!

Our walls are light and remained empty for a lot of the last year that we've lived in this house. I haven't had a house with quite as much wall space before and it was a little overwhelming to tackle it. Other than the playroom this was where I started.

Here is the corner of the entry wall when I first starting adding to it with an oval mirror. If you look closely you can see the crayon art on the wall underneath the mirror.

When you walk in the front door, this small wall is facing you so I wanted to dress it up.

Black ribbon for added height mimics hanging the mirror and I couldn't resist the G Love pairing.

The wall is a mix of photos, mementos, and craft projects, including the sea star, and the home sign. I hadn't set out to create a black and white wall but it headed that way because most of what I already had for hanging was black.

The license plate was picked up sometime during the years my husband lived in Argentina and the je t'aime print is actually a sticker I framed on cardstock.

I leave the tabletop clear because the majority of time it's a staging area for me as I try to get out of the house or a drop zone as I come in with two children and whatever else I have in my arms. Besides, any vignette that I could create for the table would be vulnerable to a three year old's and his friends' curiosity.

The black vase is heavy enough that it's a safe place for flowers to soak up the sun that streams in the space all day and the lamp is sturdy enough that if it gets pulled over, it won't break.

The wall leading up the staircase is still completely bare. It's almost more apparent how bare all of the walls are now that I've covered one but the task of decorating the rest of them was made easier by some of the pieces finding a home in the entryway.


  1. It looks really nice and well arranged! I like how you have incorporated something from different stages in your life :)

  2. I love what you have done! Where did you purchase the table? It would be perfect for what I have in mind!

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