Yardstick Magnet Board for the Playroom

Our playroom has been a work in progress (and at times a guest room) for our first year here. We've tried to find quick and simple ways to create a bright, colorful, and fun learning area for our three year old son to enjoy and infant daughter to grow into.

Our yardstick magnet center is an example of one of our simple, colorful, learning centers.

We hung a piece of 24x36 sheet metal on the playroom wall. To finish and make child safe the edges, we framed it with yardsticks.

We glued the yardsticks on the metal at first but it was clear that they would be too easy to pull off so they're now attached with screws.

We use a mixture of letter, number, and animal magnets for different activities.

I found this I Love You print to hang above the board and it provides a good guide not only for helping recognize the letters and their right side up, but also with the alphabet sequence.

Instead of leaving the board a mess of magnets, I found a three section storage bin that holds them all.

 We've been practicing sorting the letters, numbers, and animals when it's clean up time.

The bin fits perfectly in one of the cubbies in our playroom storage so it's easy for little hands to practice cleaning up and putting away when he is finished.

All is well when the bins are stored in their cubbies at the end of the day!


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