Words to Wake Up To: Houndstooth Nursery Sign

When I found out that we were having a girl I started pinning nursery ideas and was sure I was going to avoid pink in favor of a beige/gray room. My entire pregnancy I managed to avoid doing a single thing to her room other than hang white curtains but after she was born I kept finding myself buying things that were pink. 

The idea of a neutral room was pretty much abandoned when I bought the flower painting and things started to get out of hand when I came home with this:

I like to decorate kids' spaces with homemade items and artwork so as I started to gather these store bought wall hangings for the nursery I felt like I needed to balance out the 'cute' with something a little more meaningful. I made this wall hanging with a houndstooth stencil and a sticker quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

"Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind." I love the idea of our little girl waking up in a room with this sentiment. 

I mixed a shade of pink paint and coated a canvas with it.

Then I mixed a green that ended up almost too preppy in combination with the pink and stenciled the houndstooth pattern on. This photo was taken while the paint was still wet.

I had to paint a white background for the clear sticker because the background pattern showed through too much when I tried to put it on.

I coated the painted canvas with varnish and added the sticker.

Finally, I framed the sticker with pieces of eyelet fabric trim.

After the trim I went from liking to loving the sign even though it's quite the combo of colors and patterns!

Now I need to find some words to wake up to for our bedroom. Right now the first word that comes to mind in the morning is COFFEE.

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