Tweets From the Drive-Thru

Anyone that has spent enough time in the Starbucks drive-thru line can probably share an odd, funny, or irritating experience they've had there.

No car? No cash for a tip? Maybe they're just looking for fried chicken. These are the people that make the drive-thru line interesting, unnecessarily long, and inspire the coffee tweets that make me laugh when all I really want is caffeine. 

If you somehow manage to avoid the drive-thru line, these Twitter users' Starbucks Drive-Thru tweets perfectly illustrate the characters you can expect to find there.

Remember that time you were in line at the drive thru for a coffee and the person in front of you forgot milk is sold everywhere else?

Immediately after her disco party ended she was banned for life from getting her drink made right.

But it would be Our Pleasure to make you a COFFEE!

There is a tip cup at the window. The barista assumes that if you tip, you'll tip cash.          

A barista paid that potato forward when his next customer was a horse.

If you have what it takes to bring your horse through a drive-thru line, you better be riding it.

Something tells me she wanted a frappuccino.

FYI- the person in the car behind you isn't wearing any pants.

Slowly raises hand.....

Anyone else?


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