White Walls

How long does it take to decorate when you move to a new house? A month, three months, SIX months? We moved into a new house in March and I'm still not over the fact that every inch of every wall is painted white. The lack of color is weirdly overwhelming and at the rate I'm going, my white walls are going to stay bare all summer. Most of our wall hangings and artwork are leaning against the walls in the rooms I *think* they're going to hang in which I realize is inviting disaster.

I go back and forth between not caring what the inside of the house looks like so I can just enjoy the summer with the kids and stressing about the fact that life seems to run so much smoother when everything is in "it's place". I know that kids could care less about what my walls look like and won't remember the time I spent hammering nails into the walls but hope that some of the adventures we've already had at this house were worth remembering.

Spring flew by and when it wasn't raining looked like this.

Now our summer is in full swing with a beach trip and another upcoming trip to NY to see family.

I've thought about where to find more time for decorating, playing, taking trips, writing, working on editing about five million photos, and still getting sleep at night. I haven't found it but looking back at pictures like this one of our front hall I can see we've actually made a lot of progress!


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  2. It's understandable that you're torn between wanting to focus on enjoying the summer with your kids and feeling the pressure to get everything in order. But it sounds like you're making progress and have already had some great adventures in your new home.

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