Bringing Spring to the House

I spent so much time over the weekend enjoying the warm weather that I was inspired to start spring decorating. I thought I was going to hold off until closer to Easter but the warm sun won me over!
Having a toddler makes decorating things within his reach a challenge. I'm limited to flowers in a tall vase that he can't pull down on himself for the foyer table. I used to use some moss bunnies on the table but they'd be hopping off the second he saw them.
I have also turned to using the top of the hutch in the dining room as there is no way that he can get to it. At Christmas I started decorating the room with touches of red and it is still one of my favorite spaces. The baskets are perfect for Easter time. I found them at a brocante in Switzerland years ago when we lived there so I want to keep them from becoming yet another toy storage bin. 

The unexpected advantage to using toddler safe areas like this for decorating is that as a family that moves so much, we have less patching to do when we take everything down and move it to the next house. Someday I'll bolt my art to the wall and swear that this is the last wall that will hold it!
Until that day comes, I need light pieces like the one below to not only decorate but to remind me that we have opportunities that we would not have if we weren't a military family.  


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