DIY Nursery Art

This was a VERY simple and quick project that adds such a nice touch to my son's nursery. We are big fans of red around here (his bathroom is red) and his nursery is beige, red, and white. I happened to have some red ribbon and the polka-dot patterned scrapbook paper on hand.

I find these shadowbox- type frames with doors at TJ Maxx and chose a white one for this project. They typically cost $14.99 but I've found them for even less on clearance. I have found that after a while, decorations for children's rooms all start to look the same to me. It can also be a challenge to find pieces for children's rooms that are bright red. This is a quick and easy way to add a personal touch and a custom look to a nursery.
Just a few snips of the scissors (and hot glue burned fingers) later, I had a cute and unique piece of nursery decor.

 I used hot glue to attach the ribbon border. The shadowboxes are usually sold with stick pins so I used them to attach the polka dot scrapbook paper to the background and then glued the 'N' to the paper. Done! There are a few bumps in the ribbon- it's not perfect, but I love its handmade look and that it doesn't look like mass produced kid art!


Like I said, it was a simple project! Let's face it, the simpler my projects are, the lower the chances I'll have to eat in the shower.


  1. Very cute Kate! I think I have some of that same ribbon. :)

  2. Love the DIY nursery art idea! The red ribbon and polka-dot scrapbook paper combo is genius. Finding unique pieces for children's rooms can be tricky, but your creativity shines through beautifully!
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