You are your best mentor

Yesterday was a really busy day and I was too tired to write a thing but I'm too stubborn to miss a day during a challenge so I put up a photo. When I made a mental list of what made my day tiring, (sick baby, shopping, finishing a craft project, Pilates, cleaning for our house showing) I felt silly because other than the sick baby and the cleaning, it was fun. I can't complain about being tired after a day doing things I enjoy.
I'm  thinking about the question for today's NaBloPoMo post on BlogHer, "Who out there in the world would be the best mentor for your ideas and goals?" but I keep answering myself with "me." Our ideas are one of the best examples of things that make us unique. Trying to find someone that has had a similar idea might just turn your individual idea into a distilled version of what it was- or something totally different. I say just be your own best mentor and look to others for inspiration.
The world will be a boring place if too many successes are born from just following another person's lead.

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