The Cake Looked like a Hamburger

Burger Patty Brownie Cake
How to Make a Hamburger Cake Without Trying:

This is not a post about a recipe that resulted in something as beautiful as it was delicious. It's not that I don't appreciate that kind of post. I really do. But on this particular occasion, the product of my delicious idea actually ended up looking like fast food.
I searched online for recipes for a cake that had a brownie layer. I found many but the brownie was either baked in as a batter, crumbled in pieces, or swirled through. I wanted to make a cake that was cake, brownie, cake, in that order. So using box cake mix and boxed brownie mix, that is what I did.
I simply cut out the pan of brownie to fit the cakes and stacked them. As you can see, it wasn't one of those beautiful Pinterest cakes that friends would be impressed with. To me, it looked like a hamburger. The yellow cakes looked like two golden buns and the brownie layer looked like a well cooked hamburger patty.
After frosting, it was a cute cake with an amazing chocolate brownie surprise that I would highly recommend adding to your next plain old cake. I used a homemade chocolate cream cheese frosting to essentially glue the burger/brownie in place as you would cheese, ketchup, or mayo. Someone more talented could really go all out and decorate the cake with burger toppings made of sweets like fondant lettuce and cheese. The bun could easily be frosted in a way that included sesame seed candies. You get the idea.
So, in case you were wondering, this is how to make a hamburger cake for your next kids' party, for the Jughead in your life, or just because it is kind of funny.

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  1. Love it! A little green frosting for lettuce, red frosting for ketchup, and yellow frosting for mustard and you've really got a burger!


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